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You're successful at what you do, but writing is not your thing. There's no shame in that--lots of folks get to the top thanks to their tenacity, business sense, or people skills. So, why not let a professional freelance commercial writer do your stuff, so you can spend your time doing the OTHER things that got you to where you are today, right?

Need a newsletter, brochure, or promotional piece put together for your business or service? We can do it. One page, two pages, ten pages--no problem. We'll sit down with you and LISTEN, map out possible options, help you choose what's best for YOU, and then go to work to create it for you.

How about website content. Are you savvy to keywords, SEO, Google Analytics, and all things web? We are. That means you'll get great web content writing that gets found by search engines. Content like that has to be created in a special way--and we can do it for you.

Maybe you've got content you've already written yourself, or someone's written for you. You just need a writing pro to look it over and maybe make it better. We can do that, too.

Social media is huge these days, but it can be a pain to keep up with. Ask any social media expert, they'll tell you: you can't do social media half-(heartedly). You've GOT to be all-in, or it won't work. That means regular, timely, meaningful posts. Too busy to mess with that? We can take thirty seconds of input from you, and get something tweet-able out there to your fans and followers, FAST. We'll help make you a FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or Linked In super-star, and keep YOU on people's minds and ahead of the other guys.

Same thing with blogging--it can be an effective tool, but you have to keep after it for people to keep checking back. Problem is, many successful professionals just don't have time to devote to this. We can help here, as well. We can take your rough comments, polish and post. Or, we could create blog entries to YOUR prescribed specifications, send them to you for approval, and then post them under your byline. Hey, celebrities, politicians and corporate big-wigs do this, why not YOU?

Creating high quality commercial writing and web content is hard work. If you've got other things to do, it's not your problem any more. Let us be your go-to resource for good writing.

Box Canyon Commercial Writing and Web Content Services offers 19th Century Courtesy and 21st Century Results!
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Great writing is hard work. If you've got other things on your plate, let Box Canyon Creative take over. We'll get it written to your specifications, so you can spend your valuable time on the other things!
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