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Things have changed over the past few years. Used to be, you could get above-average, or even mediocre grades in high school and still pretty much choose the college you'd like to attend. Not any more. It's now hyper-competitive, cutthroat even. Getting accepted to a college--not just the BEST schools, but even the NEXT-best schools--has become almost like scaling a fourteener, with its own set of special challenges and obstacles. If your child needs help with the climb, we offer a writing life-line.

We're not going to write your child's paper for him, but we CAN show him how to write a better paper himself. We can offer ideas for subjects, and suggest plans and outlines BEFORE the work is started, to save time and energy. We can check progress, correcting and redirecting as needed. We can proof-read the final draft and suggest improvements. All this for a standard hourly rate, no contracts or commitments.

While our academic credentials are first-class, we feel what makes us unique is that we have a background in entertainment, rather than education. So your child's teacher teaches, and your child's tutor provides guidance that's fresh, fun, and a little different. We feel this can be a helpful dynamic for kids these days, who spend so much time in school and have so much expected of them in terms of homework. A little less "school-like" a little more "fun-like." That's what we're talkin' about.

Interested? Let's talk further. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation.

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