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We have a simple, no-frills, no-surprises rate structure. $35 per hour for writing, proofing, editing, or tutoring services. All services require a one-hour minimum charge.

Typical writing projects requiring no research require about an hour per page to plan and compose. So, a four-page writing project in which you provide all the material would take about four hours to create. Research or technical writing requires about two hours per page. A four-page writing project "from scratch" would take about eight hours to complete.

Standard proofing services can be performed at a rate of about four pages per hour. Standard editing/re-writing services can be performed at a rate of about two pages per hour. Pieces that require significant editing and/or re-writing will take longer. Reducing four-pages of content to a single, well-written page would require about four hours.

In all of these examples, a "page" consists of one letter-sized document, standard-sized font, or about 500 words per page. Double-spaced or large print documents would, of course, require less time. Smaller print would require more.

We'll tell you up-front how many hours we estimate your project will take. If it ends up taking less time, you won't be charged for it. If it takes more time, you won't be charged extra. Writing time includes required research. One hour minimum on all work. These are only estimates, actual mileage may vary...

The content in this flyer took about an hour to create, $35.

This restaurant newsletter took about an hour to research and another hour to compose, $70.

These four radio commercials took about two hours to create, $70.

This two-page instruction manual took about two hours write, $70.

The content contained on the nine pages of this website took about nine hours to create, $315.

Every project is different, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs. No charge, no obligation; YOU do the talking, we do the listening.

Box Canyon Commercial Writing and Web Content Services offers 19th Century Courtesy and 21st Century Results!
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