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RADIO • Keith Avallone, the founder of Box Canyon Creative, spent 30+ years working for some of America's best radio stations, in places like New York City, Minneapolis, Houston, Dallas, Denver, and Washington DC. We've posted a few on-air samples, from WPLJ(1988), KDWB(1990), KHKS(1999), Radio Disney(2001), KPLX(2005), KYGO(2009) and KRWZ(2010) along with a two-minute voice-over demo(2012). Below are some photos of Keith (known on-air as "Hollywood Henderson") with various stars from the 1980s and '90s. Click on any photo for a larger view. Good times!

With Jon Bon Jovi, New York City, 1988.

With Jon Bon Jovi, New York City,1988. The release party for their album "New Jersey."

with the band Crowded House, "Don't Dream It's Over," Houston, 1984.

Hanging with the guys from the band Crowded House, "Don't Dream It's Over," Houston,1985.

With Julian Lennon, Minneapolis, 1992.

With Julian Lennon and KDWB listener, Star Party '92.

With Duran Duran, Houston, 1984.

Backstage with Duran Duran, Houston, 1984. Simon LeBon, and John Taylor, along with the Q-Zoo's Jackie Robbins.

Michael Bolton

Autograph session with Michael Bolton, 1990.

Debbie Gibson

With Debbie Gibson, and KDWB's Mister Ed, backstage in St. Paul, 1990.

Martha Quinn, Houston 1984.

With Martha Quinn, visitng Houston during the early days of MTV, 1984.

Billy Joel, Hollywood Henderson, KDWB Minneapolis, 1990.

Billy Joel, debuting his song "We Didn't Start the Fire," Minneapolis, 1989.

BOARD GAMES • Another passion of Keith's is board games. PLAAY Games has been around since 2000, offering classic card-and-dice sports simulation board games. It's earned a niche as one of the top small-press sports game publishers in the world. Next BEST Games was launched in 2009 as an outlet for various family card and board games Keith's created. Take a look! Sports Simulation Board Games
Next BEST Games Family Board Games
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The logos of the stations Keith Avallone's worked for as a full-time air personality over the past 30 years. He's e also been heard on WEGX/Philadelphia, WEBE/Bridgeport, CT, KLTY/Dallas, Radio Disney, and about 100 different small-town stations across the USA as night-time personality "Howie Davis" on Dial-Global's Country Local format.
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