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Today, it's more difficult than ever to covey a message. The internet has produced an information avalanche, and anything that isn't evocative gets obliterated. For anyone who has something to say in this era of "too-much-information," there are three important implications: written communication has to be correct, concise, and it has to cut through. Or else it will be lost. For these reasons, we offer proofing and editing as part of our assortment of creative services.

CORRECT • In a consumer context, well-written product or service support materials are key in gaining the confidence of a prospective customer. Grammatical errors or misspellings in a commercial piece signal, at best, a lack of attention to detail and at worst, incompetence. It's an eye-rolling cliche, but it's still true: "You only get once chance to make a first impression!"

CONCISE • The information race is often won by the one who gets to the point fastest. But there's a fine line between brevity and concision. One can be too "brief," but never too "concise." The key is to communicate what's necessary, and leave everything else out. That's what we'll help you do, with our proofing and editing services.

CUTS THROUGH • Memorable words in a paper or written piece can be the difference between getting the job, or not. Making the sale, or not. Convincing the customer, or not. You want your words to be bold, vivid, colorful, effective. But not extraneous or superfluous. This skill not something that comes easily or naturally to most people. However, we've made a career out of being concise AND evocative, and we can help you do the same.

A fresh set of eyes can be all the difference. Studies show that after a period of time, our eyes become "blinded" to what we've written, so that we don't see glaring mistakes. Even ONE tiny error can be extremely costly. Thousands of copies of a full-color print piece, trash-canned because of a single misspelled word. A career or sales opportunity lost, because of a lone instance of poor grammar. In cases like this, wouldn't it have been worth a small additional expense for professional proofing?

We've got extensive experience proofing and editing all kinds of content, from the simple and conversational to the arcane and complex. Let us help you get it right.

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Spell-checking and auto-proofing are great tools, but if there's a better way to communicate something, or you've got ideas out of order--those are things your computer can't tell you. For example, "I climbed into my car, computer in hand. It wasn't working." Your PC wouldn't spot the confusion--but WE would!
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